Most Likely To: Discover the Best Yearbook-style Game

“Most Likely Game” is a fun and revealing quiz perfect for a lively get-together with friends or colleagues. 

In this game, you’ll take on the roles of yearbook superlatives as you decide who among your group is “Most Likely To” and do various entertaining and sometimes unexpected things. 

We’ve got it all covered! We’ve categorized the scenarios into different themes, offering options suited to every liking, such as travel, fame, charity, career, money, and health. And for the most exciting statements, you can choose the option: best.

So, let’s have a good time and discover who deserves these amusing titles!

How to Play:

Step 1. Gather your Mates 

“Most Likely Game” is a fun way to have a great time and create unique memories with friends. So, tell your friends, gather together in a circle, and be prepared for an unforgettable game night.

Step 2. Add People and their Names

All participants will add their preferred name to the “+Enter name” slots, add more people with the “+ Add Person” button, and then press the “Start The Game” button.

Step 3. Become a  “Question Master”

Randomly select a player as the “Question Master” for the round. This role will change after each question, allowing all the players to participate.

Step 4. Choose a Category

The Question Master will choose a category from the options: #TRAVEL, #FAME, #CHARITY, #CAREER, #MONEY, #HEALTH, and #BEST.

Step 5. Read Out the Statement

After selecting the category, the “Question Master” will read the statement aloud. Repeat if necessary so that everybody listens.

Step 6. Time to Vote

After listening to the statement, all players, except the “Question Master,” will raise their hands or point to vote for the person they think is “Most Likely To” to fulfill the scenario. 

Then, select the player with the most votes using the buttons to continue with the next person.

Step 7. Start Over the Fun!

After the first round is over, move the role of the “Question Master” to the person on your right and start over the statement reading and voting.

Tips to enjoy Most Likely To Game:

  • Be respectful: Allow everyone to participate, and the desire to pass whenever the players want.
  • Set the game’s night mood: Have cool background music and bring snacks and beverages for a nice party with friends!🎉


#TRAVEL: Find out who has the wanderlust spirit and is “Most Likely To” have visited the most countries and racked up the most passport stamps.

#FAME: Discover who will enjoy the perks and disadvantages of fame by asking unique statements.

#CHARITY: Find out which of you have a social-driven way of life and share experiences for each other’s growth.

#CAREER: From office legends to go-getters, this category celebrates those who navigate the complexities of the workplace with expertise and finesse.

#MONEY: Who of your friends has a unique sense of business? Discover it with this category.

#HEALTH: Determine who is “Most Likely To” be the health-conscious guru, focused on fitness, clean eating, and holistic well-being.

#BEST: Expect the unexpected with the best statements for fun and unforgettable memories.

Are you ready to award your friends or colleagues fun and memorable titles? 

Choose a category, and let the Most Likely To game begin!📸🎉🏆🤣💑💼